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JP Venture Partners maintains a disciplined approach to investing and operating in the office property sector. Our core focus combines value enhancement along with preservation of value in a thorough and a comprehensive analysis of market positioning and risk that helps drive investment returns. 


JP Venture Partners has extensive experience in portfolio, joint venture and mission critical investments in the industrial property sector. We seek best-in-class warehouse/distribution industrial properties in primary and secondary locations where we can obtain the critical information we need to assess the future performance of our investments.


JP Venture Partners believes in a “hands-on” approach to acquiring and managing all of our investments. We are well versed in the critical components of a successful retail investment in a rapidly changing environment, particularly given surging e-commerce consumer trends.


JP Venture Partners looks to create real estate solutions for companies in the growing industries of science, technology, logistics, and aerospace and defense. We align our partners and our experience with high-quality developer teams where we have had previous success across all property sectors.

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